One-on-One Mentorship Program with Amit Trivedi
Classroom Training in person or Online Training during Market Hours
This training session goes above and beyond the books and courses by Expert Traders.
Practical training beyond anything you have seen or heard before. We will hold your hands and guide you through complete Profitable Trading Experience.
These sessions go beyond anything you have seen or heard before:

When it comes to trading education, there is no training course out there more comprehensive than our 1-0-1 Mentorship Program. This is our premium trading course that once completed, is just like earning a Masters Degree in stock/ futures/ commodities trading. Amit reveals exactly what those advantages are, and then shows you precise ways in which you can neutralize them so that you can trade from a more level playing field.

The knowledge you learn here is only available for professional traders in Mutual Funds, Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds or Trading Houses in Big Banks. There is no other place where you can learn what they know, how they trade in the market and where you can trade along with them and be always on the right side of the trend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Money is very important. Always trade safely. First preserve capital, and then, go for profits.
Course Highlights:
  • Interactive Training sessions in live trading setups with real time market tracking and research.
  • Detailed discussions and exercises on setups and pros and cons and whether to take a trade or not during market hours.
  • Detailed discussions on Futures, Options, Hedging strategies to maximize profits and minimize losses.
  • This course includes our premium Options Trading Course to give you complete insight of options trading and hedging using options.
  • This course includes our complete Technical Analysis course and introduction of all indicators and their significance in trading and price movements.
  • Strategies for day trading on Entry and Exit techniques using 3 different trading systems.
  • Detailed discussions of 3 different trading systems and their trade setups to suit a trading style that suits you.
  • Detailed discussions on trading systems and trade setups in different time frames.
  • Realtime market monitoring.
As a professional trader for over 18 years, Amit Trivedi has had to deal with all of these problems, and teaches you how to overcome them!

During the training, Amit will expose you to the possibility of becoming a methods trader. He also shows you how totrade from simple setups. He will teach you anything you want to know. Whether you want to day trade, position trade, trade spreads, trade stocks, trade forex, or trade options or futures,Amit will show you the simplest and easiest ways to trade

He shows you how to trade with greatly reduced risk. He shows you ways trade without stops. He shows you how to find setups, and how to manage them.

There’s more, much more. He shows you all kinds of tricks and techniques so that you can effectively trade in the markets of your choice. He takes his many decades of trading experience and his decades of teaching others, and condenses it all into the vital information that you need to become a successful trader. If you are having problems with fear, greed, or other psychological hindrances, Amit will teach you how to achieve self-control and self-discipline so that you can become a winner.

The objective of the one-on-one session is to give you the information you need in order to survive when trading, and to learn to “get paid to trade” as Amit always advocates.

Serious Traders seek professional help

It has always amazed us that normally astute professional individuals and business people will embark on a course as serious as trading and not seek professional help. Thousands who enter the field of trading try to figure it out for themselves, and they end up losing far more money trading from ignorance than the cost of our mentorship program. People spend thousands of hours and money in a vain attempt to go it on their own. No one is beyond the need for professional help when it comes to futures trading. Even professional traders come to Amit for help and additional training. Let him help you as well.


This course lasts 30 days which include 4 working weeks when market is open and 4 weekends. Amit will teach you his best strategies and trading techniques during market hours for 4 weeks and weekends also. During this course, Amit will teach you with live trading and you will be required to take trades in the market. Together we will try to recover full or as much as possible the fee you have paid for this course as profits from the markets. If you recover all your fee during one month of training, your course will be free of cost and you will have trading education for life.

The mentorship fee for One-O-One (1-0-1) Mentorship Program is 3,50,000 1,50,000 (US$6500 US$2499)All Inclusive for 30 days course plus 6 months mentorship support on chat & telephone.

Free of Cost Benefits and Bonuses along with this course are:
  • 1 Year free of cost subscription of NP-SwingKnight Trading System. (1,00,000 Value)
  • 6 Months Mentorship Support Program – You will get 6 months phone support and assistance on 1-0-1 coaching so that you become fully comfortable with the course. (1,00,000 Value)
  • 30% Discount on Real time and EoD data from our data provider partner. (Up to 9,000 Value)
  • 25% Discount on brokerages up to 25,000 when you open your trading account with us. ( 25,000 V