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NP – SwingKnight Trading System

NP – SwingKnight Trading System.

The way to make money is to make it. The way to make“BIG MONEY” is to be right at exactly the right time.Jesse Livermore.

When you are looking for some help with your trading, I promise that I can help you getting along with your trading. Not only with good Win/Loss ratio, but also with better profit/Loss trades or in other words better risk/reward trades. As a trader I know that these types of trades are very much important for our wealth building, and that’s what I would like to find ¬ Trade setups with good Win/Loss and good risk/reward ratios.

You may have a severe fear of failure and fear of losing money when it comes to trading and probably you keep on reminding yourself that this thing is too complicated and does not work for you.

I know I did, and I still have fear of losing when it comes to pulling the trigger for a trade.

This fear of losing is so strong that this single factor prevents me from pulling the trigger and hence in turn I miss many “BIG MOVES”.

To overcome this fear factor, we have to have the success formula for trading.

No matter what the current trend in the market, the market moves in the up and down swings within the trend